Monday, July 8, 2013

July 8

Dear Family!
I have not yet recived my garments, and i probably won´t get them until we travel to the offices. maybe at the end of the transfer. Also if i could hafve anything sent to me, it would be beef jerky! nutella!! snickers,crunch bars, and milk duds! there are no mily duds here!! send me anyhting here with real chocolate. The chocolate here is so much different and so expensive!! BUt dont worry to much about me eating all the food here is so good, and the ice cream, wow!! it is out of this world!
 I love you all so much and we had a great week this week! 2 baptisms! Elsa, and Oriana! everything went through and next week we have 2 more lined up. 
This week we have really concentrated on our exact obedience! And let me tell you the Lord has blessed us so much!!!!
Our mission President changed the rule of reading 3 pages in mission rule book to 8! and we have been applying every single rule we can apply! And this week we have been exactly obedient. the first obiediendce issue we chagned was in the rule book we are suppose to only plan for 30 minutes each night and we have been planning for like an 1 hour fo r our day. So we shortened our planning to 30 mins. At first it seems that it doesn´t make sense but as we have shortened our planning we have been planning more thorughout the day. and the Lord has given us so many blessing.
The first and most obvious blessing is hte baptisms, and the next was our attendance to church, we had 5 at church. Also let me tell you as a companionship we have been so much happier. The Lord really works in mysterious ways but i LOVE his ways. 

Yesteraday we had the oppurtunity to eat in the home of the Costa´s. He is one of the 70s inour ward. Right now they have a son on a mission in france and one of the son´s friends named santiago joined us for lunch ( who is not a member) . after we ate lunch we started to teach him and we set a baptismal date! It was such a great experince. After we taught him, just this morning sister Costa called us and said that us teaching him was an answer to their families prayers! she was crying and she siad she had such a great experince! Also their son challanged her to keep inviting SANTIAGO to things and checking up on the readings of the book of mormon for him. I know our family can do the same thing we can invite people to our home and have the same experience with the missionaries and our loved ones can recieve the gospel! 

Each week as i keep repenting and growing os much and i am understanding the plan god has for me! i dont think i have ever been so happy for so long! and the secret is.. to stop thinking about yourself and think of others.. Mom you might not like this story but i am going ot tell it anyways..
This week i have been working so hard to think of others first or to have charity. This week i started cleaning my companions clothes and i have felt so good every time i clean his clothes.. But this morning i realized that i forgot about myself and i didnt have anyclean garments... haha let me tell you, it is so much better to forget about yourslef and as long as you are serving and thinking of others you are going to be happy! mom thank you for your example to me of service as my mom! i know i couldn´t of done it wihtout you! 

This week also with are 5 investigators we brought to church ew had a great experince with one of them during hte sacrament. During the last song, on of our investigators started crying and she was filled with the holy ghost. her name is patricia and righ tnow she lives with her boyfriend. We had a chance to talk to her after the baprismal service about her experince furing the sacrament and she said´´i want ot change my relationship with my boyfriend and i want to be able to trust him more. i kow that the spirit was working in her to give her the will to change and to live the law of chasitiy. During our next visit we are going to help them change and hopefully get married!!

I love you all so much! i know you can all be happy this next week if you are always obedient and always thinking of others instead of yourselves! LIFE is so much easier and fun when you do little acts of service and see the ways others react.. take the advice of moroni when he was talking about charity in Moroni 7: 48, ´´Pray unto the father with all the energy of heart, that ye may be filled with this love´´ Really praya unto the father WITH ALL YOU HEART and have this gift bestowed upon you! look for ways to serve adn io promise you will be happy! and always be obedient

I love you so much and i am having so much fun as a missionary! read every day and repent always after every mistake!
Elder Hicks

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