Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July 22

Dear family,
Sorry for the weak letter last week... Of the Church i am not sure of the address but i know the cross streets it is on sarmiento and 3 de febrero, in the neighborhood villa morra, pilar, buenos Aires, Argentina, and the meetings start at 9. you should be able to find it with those directions pretty easy. If you can send pictures of you all with the box that would be great! and maybe... oh an umbrella, if you can, i lost mine in north carolina. if you cant it is okay.
this week has been great we are working as hard as we can. this week we we walking down the street to go find a less active family and a middle aged guy saw us and we said hi, and as we were passing he calle us over. He want a litte pamphelet. We started talking to him and told him alittle about the church and then he invited us inside. And we met his whole family. It was so great and such a happy day. we returned on saturday to start teaching them but only the kids were there, we taught them a little english and talked to them about the gospel and church is. they had to ask there aunt for permission to go to church, once they got the permission they were so excited. probably the most excited i have seen kids get to go to church. The kids names are franco and niels.
Sunday morning we picked them up to church and their brother bruno came ot church with them. once we started to get to know them. we figured out that they live with the aunt because their dad lives in Los Angeles and their mom killed herself. the ages of these kids are bruno:16 Franco:11 And Niels:9, thry are all from Peru. It was so hard ot imagine how hard it is for them to live with there aunt without a father figure. These kids are such good kids but their life is so hard. we challenged them all to bebaptized and right now they have dates to be baptized on the 10th. I can´t wait to see the change in their lives that the gospel can do. I know it will help them be so much happier. Please pray for them.
But this week was great, during divisions this week i was with the zone leader and i had to manage pilar, it was something hard but i learned so much. To manage an area to plan who we are going to visist and what we are going to do. It is fun!
Anyways i love being a missionary and i love the people here.
Looking at the picture of makenna and Raquel is so cute, i just can´t see makenna´s pants? ja but i ma so glad she is doing well with the sergury she is so tough and such a great young women. i love recivening your letters so much. How is dad? how is the scriptures and prayres as family? i bet it is super hot there and something i miss a little bit is those monsoons i feel like i have not seen one in forever. But it is all good. Im glad brennan is doing good also, i love hearing about him and it sounds like your week was very good.
i love you so much mom and family! and i am so glad you are happy! this week was awesome for me and i am growing so much!
Elder Hicks your son!
P.S. those directions should get you there to the capilla. i love you!

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