Thursday, March 21, 2013

2 emails today!!

Thanks Mom! How are you? So this week has been awesome! We went to the temple this morning and had an awesome intiatory session! We also had an amazing talk by Elder Whiting! I learned so much! I bought a Book of Mormon to destroy with writing in it! Make sure you guys have an opportunity everyday, to read this book, the Bible is amazing and all, but truly to come to Christ you need to read the Book of Mormon everyday! I know thorough the power of God all of your questions will be answered, about life. The Book of Mormon is amazing!, If you read it I know you will get closer to Jesus Christ and his atonemnet than ANY other book on this earth!
I am trying to learn how to follow every prompting of the sprit more, it is so hard to keep your mind clear and to keep the whispers of the spirit and each prompting in the front of my mind! Hey I am going to send another e-mail to you but right now I had  little time to send a quick e-mail but I'll send another one in a couple hours.
Oh and here is some spanish!
hoy es un Dia de solo espanol! Les Quiero Mucho! espero que ustedes estan guardando los madamietos. yo se que el evangelio de jesucristo es el solo camino a dios! y yo se que esta iglesia es verdadera!   yo se que por medio de dios podemos todos! continuamente oran! yo he orado sobre todos yo he dije a usted y yo se que lo es verdadero!
Les quiero!
Elder Troy (still your Burkey Boo) Hicks!
P.S. I will send another email with the answer to those questions you asked me!

2nd letter today

I have seen Blake!! I got the package last week! yes please send the SD card i have not been able to send a thank you card sorry I'll find time today! you said the addresses are in the address book. I did get the water bottle filter! I did get the cookies thank you!
I dont have to much time to write each p-day sorry if i dont get you guys letter today! i am doing my laundry right now! so fun!
Also i dont even know how to explain how much I have learned being a district leader is tough but, Mom can I tell you, I Know God looks over me! Also I watched a talk by Elder Holland... he wasn't here but it was a video of him at the MTC and I think it changed my life. It was when he was here on thanksgiving. but have you ever thought how much people the gospel has touched. If you think about it, during every dispensation the covenant people were in a small remote area and the prophets knew that the people were going to go into Apostasy pretty soon, the prophets knew they were going to fail! But know, Mom this is the last dispensation! This time of being a missionary! We are part of the last time the covenant people will be on the earth and we know we are going to win! Share the gospel! Think of all the blessing we have that others don't! I know that is a lot to ask and it is my job right now but I thank you for the example you have set me on how to be a good example to others!  Ilove this gospel. But what did we do in the premortal life to be born in the covenant. Not many people have been part of the gospel if you think of all the people that have been on the earth and how small each dispensation was and how small the area of people who were touched by the gospel was. We are so blessed! We were born in the last dispensation, (the dispensation every ancient prophet looked froward too!) and we are in the covenant, you are so right when you have told us kids "that the Lord expects so much more out of us!"  and we need to focus on what the Lord wants us to do" thank you Mom!
I am trying my best every day! Also get Hermana Randall to translate what I said for you! Love you cutie Mom! and I love my family! My perspective on life has been changed and I will never be the same kid again! I hope that makes you happy because it makes me happy that path I am walking! I know this is what the lord wants me to do!
I love Jesus Christ and will follow him anywhere! I love my family and I know you all want to follow Christ! and I love your example to me! The atonement is amazing and I am not a perfect person yet but through the atonement and Chirst I can do anything!

Elder Hicky Hicks! 

Oh also i am glad Makenna is doing good I miss you guys a lot but it is so worth it out here. I am glad you got to see Jim and Jeannie it has been a while, they are so awesome and I love them so much!
MOM! I am a little dissapointed you got a ticket! hahah just joking! es una Broma! Its a joke! jaja I hope all is well! I need to get off the computer Love You!

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