Friday, March 15, 2013

March 14

Only 102 weeks left!!!! Ahhhhh
How is the kitchen coming guys?? And how is Makenna's foot!! I sent you guy’s letters this week! Sorry if they are kind of short! I am trying to do my laundry at the same time!! Ha
This week has been awesome! I have written in my journal every day! It is kind of hard we are always moving!
So yesterday we had a new set of missionaries coming in and they thought that we were so much older than them! It was way weird! We graduated the same year as them but because of how we acted they thought we were older than them! It is all about obedience! We are trying so hard as a district to be on time to everything and to be in bed on time! The lord has blessed us so much!! Also yesterday we had another experience with prayer! I know the lord listens to us!
My friend Elder Clawson (in my district) lost his name tag! And he was looking for it in the room! And we decided to say a prayer! And we said the prayer and asked for the lords help to find it, and not 30 seconds later the intercom went off and the front desk called him to the front and they had it in the lost and found! I know the lord heard our prayer!
Also we have not met any of the 12, we have had 2 people from the quorum of the 70! I have figured out that if we submit our will to the will of the fathers he will bless us and make us happier! It is harder than it sounds! Ha so much harder! But my faith in him has grown so much! Also think how you would respond to the question... what is our purpose in life? We thought about that question yesterday... and I know the answer, it is our time to prepare to meet god, to have joy! Our time to progress, to get a body! So many people in the world do not know the answer to that question. I can not wait for that moment with an investigator where I tell them there purpose in life. It is to prepare to meet god! What a blessing in our life. He really does look out for us.
Also I have a story for you guys,
Lets say you lived in a different country and in this country there was a wall that people have spray painted their names on. But now it was illegal to spray paint your name on this wall, but all your friends and family told you to spray paint your name on the wall. And you decided to fall into peer pressure and got your spray paint and started walking up to the wall. On the way to the wall there were many signs that said WARNING TO NOT SPRAY PAINT THIS WALL, YOU WILL GO TO PRISON FOR LIFE! But you kept going. Now right when you were about to spray paint this wall a light spotlighted you and police cars surrounded you and you had no where to run! The penalty for this action was life in prison. So you went to prison and while you were in prison you were thinking "what have I done I have thrown my life away... I can't do anything now. But a couple weeks into you prison term they gave you an option to get out. And part of this option was one of your family member had to come to the prison and had to take there hand and have it nailed to the wall, that you spray painted. After a couple of days your older brother hears of this option and starts to come down to the prison and you continually tell him NO NO. Please don't come. But he won't have it he comes anyway... he wants you to be free. So when he gets to the prison the people on the prison start beating him, and you say "wait you only said that he had to nail his hand to the wall" "stop" and they say " to late, the process has already started" after he gets beat up they take him to the wall and one hit at a time they nail his hand to the wall! How would you treat this brother of yours after this! After he gets his hand off the wall you take him home.... he is badly beaten and bruised... he can not even stand up! For the rest of your life how would you treat him... don't you think you would text him 25 times a day saying I love you! Don’t you think if someone said something bad about him you would say " wait you don't talk about my older brother like that!' he saved my life! He saved my whole life!" don't you think you would call him and ask him if he is okay and ask him if he needs anything?
I learned this is the same with our older brother in heaven. If someone says his name in vain. Wouldn’t we say? Shouldn’t we say stop. Out of our pure love for Christ. Shouldn’t we tell them he save our life! He saved your life! What a great story... I love my savior and I am nothing without him, I hope you guys and I know you guys have the same love for him! He is our savior! And God is our father! They both love us so much. Seek for the Holy Ghost and for that pure love of Christ for everyone!

Love you,
Elder Hicks
 Elder Marble, friend from Gilbert

 MTC Classroom

 w/Tyler and Elder Clawson

 Guys from District Elder Goodwin, Elder Anglade, Elder Clawson, then me.

 Me looking hot with my facebook style picture! PROFILE PIC STATUS!

 w/ Hermana Crawford, friend from Gilbert

District getting Ready for bed

Elder Holmstead friend from BYUI

P.S. Don’t let other people you love use the Lords name in vain. He is our Savior!

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