Wednesday, February 27, 2013


 We needed to drop Troy off at the MTC at 1:15 so after breakfast we drove to the Area and took this shot before it got too busy.  Notice the sign over his head.  It is the only sign they have now.

Troy has never been one to like to eat out.  He is a simple kid and I believe could live on Ham and Cheese Bagels.  So when we asked him where he would like to eat lunch before we dropped him off he said Wendy's.  He loves the fries there.  He got vetoed by his Dad and settled on Brick Oven.  We had a nice dinner and funny enough shared a spiritual experience there in this little booth.  We weren't the only ones eating lunch at the Brick Oven.  Several other soon to be missionaries had the same idea. Plus an added bonus was that his meal was free!

Saying our last "See you Soon" with Mom... 
and Dad.

It was the greatest thing to see Mitchell (Elder Overson) as we pulled up to the drop off!  It made it a little bit easier to leave knowing that Troy has so many good friends at the MTC with him and a few more will be coming  in the upcoming weeks.

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