Monday, February 17, 2014

Feb 17

Dear Family,
 This week has been great and also it has such a great time! I love the mission and i don´t feel any stress so don't worry about me I know everything will work out in its given time.
Well i sent a couple pictures of us in water because the bottom floor of our hotel flooded. Also, A picture of us at the Temple. And another picture of us at a home of a member!) Eating something called noguis, wow so delicious... ja
And talking about Makenna´s birthday, all I can say is wow she sure is a lucky girl. My week has been great, With my district we are doing so great, and we are trying to work so hard!
Yesterday in church after looking for our investigators in the morning and passing by each one of their houses we had noone come to church... me and my companion were so devastaded and we did not no what to do... it felt like a whole week of work wasted... but during the sacrament meeting an investagtor showed up named vicente! I know hte Lord is part of this work as long as we are obedient and our true desire is to help other sould come unto Christ! I feellike i hav never wanted something more than I want that other people can come unto Christ and can reallly be converted to him and his gospel! I love the mission so much.

Elder Hicks

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  1. That flood picture looks just nasty. Hope he doesn't have any open sores on his legs or feet. He seems so good! Yay for missionary growth!